Aluminium Industry

Damor Engineering Ltd specialises in works associated with primary aluminium smelters, including the preparation of Feasibility Studies, design of plant layout and specification of equipment for materials processing and handling operations.

We have experience of many smelter operations at locations all around the world, utilising both continuous (Sodeberg) and pre-bake anode technology.

Carbon Plant - coke & pitch storage, anode paste mixing, anode forming & handling, bake furnaces, overhead furnace tending assemblies (FTAs), anode rodding operations, carbon recycling, bath processing

Anode stack


Potrooms - alumina storage & handling, potshells, superstructures (including crust breakers & feeders), pot-linings, collector bars, busbars, overhead pot-tending machines (PTMs), bath & fluoride charging, pot removal cranes, anode jacking frames

Pot lining


Casthouse - holding & melting furnaces, casting machines, cooling plant, mould tooling, homogenising, casthouse cranes, ingot & sow stacking



Associated Equipment - fume treatment plant, air compressors & dryers, cranes, crucibles, crucible cleaning, tapping vehicles, bath & fluoride charging vehicles, other mobile equipment

Plant construction


Site-wide - port facilities, site infrastructure, raw material storage silos & transportation systems, spent pot-lining (SPL) processing

Damor Engineering Ltd has direct experience of many smelter operations at locations all around the world. We are also familiar with the preparation of capital and operating costs for new and upgrade smelting facilities, including financial modelling.