Our Privacy Policy


We take your privacy very seriously, and we will retain your e-mail and any other contact details only for our own marketing and contract management purposes, and we will not pass these details onto anyone else.

We will use our best endeavours to always ensure that your e-mail details are not circulated along with those of anyone else outside of your own organisation, or other organisations which are already known to you.

We will only send you marketing information on an infrequent basis, no more than once every three months, and generally timed to coincide with the issue of our regular newsletters.

HOW you came to be on our Mailing List

There are a number of ways your e-mail details may have been added to our Mailing List, for example :

  1. you are an existing or previous client and / or supplier of Damor Engineering Ltd, or our associate companies
  2. you are known professionally and / or personally to our Directors, Staff and Associates
  3. your details were freely circulated by a third-party and openly displayed within non-confidential materials or e-mail messages on which we were also copied, in which case we consider the details to be in the public domain
  4. we obtained your details from either the press, third-party registers or web directories (either general in nature or specific to your particular industry sector), in which case we consider the details to be in the public domain
  5. we obtained your details from your own or third-party websites as a result of our market research, in which case we consider the details to be in the public domain
  6. we were given your details on the specific understanding that you wished to be contacted by Damor Engineering Ltd
  7. you have previously contacted us directly by e-mail for any reason

TO REMOVE your details from our Mailing List

We have no desire to send marketing materials to those who do not wish to receive them – this is a waste of our own time as much as yours. We will remove your details from our Mailing List on request.

To unsubscribe from our regular newsletters and any other form of unsolicited e-mail contact, simply use our contact form to send us a message including your email address and the word ‘unsubscribe’ and you will be removed immediately from our Mailing List.